Anand Ent & Allergy Clinic

Anand ENT & Allergy Clinic is a dedicated ENT & Allergy clinic setup located in the heart of Bangalore city. At Anand ENT & Allergy Clinic, we aim to provide the best possible treatment for ENT & Allergy problems yet at a very affordable price. The clinic has modern technology with High definition camera system and microscope, which provide an accurate diagnosis. Treatment options are discussed and individualized for every patient. Our clinic possesses an expert panel of ENT Specialists, ENT surgeons & Endoscopist, and Endoscopic Surgeons. We have been concentrating on developing and adaptation new technologies in the field of ENT such as the lasers, coblation, harmonics, immunotherapy for allergy management etc to provide each of our patients the most compassionate and technologically advanced treatment options.

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